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What is Tax Resolution?
Tax resolution is an area of the law dealing with several types of tax related matters, typically in which a person or business owes taxes to their state or the IRS. These areas include tax audits, missing returns, tax liens, tax levies, IRS installment agreements, tax penalty abatement, wage garnishments and complex business tax issues. Review our tax issues page for more information regarding these issues.
Why do I need a Tax Resolution Professional?
Some people or businesses may find it difficult due to their current financial situation to pay their taxes to the IRS or State. A tax resolution professional can help set up payment plans or even reduce the amount of taxes owed to help alleviate the stress on the individual while placating the government.
What products or services does TMS offer?

TMS Resolution offers expertise knowledge and handling of IRS or State tax resolution cases; providing options such as payment plans, offers in compromise (settlement offers), lump sum payments, and non-colletible plans. Visit our services page for more in depth details of the products we offer.

How much is the initial consultation?

The initial consultation is absolutely free! Call us at (877) 637-3783, 24/7 to set up an appointment with your account manager or visit the contact us page to submit an online appointment request form.

What kind of information should I have ready for the consultation?
General information about your tax problem: how much do you owe, who do you owe, what kind of tax is it and general information about your current financial situation.
How long does it usually take to close a deal?

Each case is handled based on its individual circumstances and each clients’ specific needs, so time handling a case can vary from weeks to months. For an average case in which $50,000 or less is owed, settling your tax problem can occur within two weeks. For more complex tax issues or settlements, this time frame can turn into months. 

If the average for your company is within 2 weeks, why do your competitor’s take months?

Bigger companies are usually not incentivized to close your case. In fact, taking longer can allow them to bill you more unnecessarily. We didn’t get into the business to take money from people who don’t have it; we truly entered tax resolution to help people and help businesses survive.

What are the special lien programs I have heard advertised by other tax resolution companies? Does TMS use these programs too?
There is no secret or special programs to help resolve tax liens. There are, however, four commonly available types of tax lien resolutions: Certificate of Subordination, Certificate of Discharge, Lien Release, and Lien Withdrawal. Check out our “ABCs of a Tax Lien” for further information.
I don’t owe the IRS but do owe State taxes. Can TMS handle my State tax claim?
Yes, call us to see how our services could help you with your state tax issues.
My business is going through an alter ego assessment. Can TMS handle my case?
Yes, we have effectively handled and overturned an alter ego assessment. Contact us to see how we can help you with your specific case.
Does TMS have experience with Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (TFRP)?
Yes, we have effectively handled TFRP cases. Contact us to see how we can help you with your specific case.
Do you charge a flat fee or charge by the hour?
Preferably by the hour as it is usually the most cost effective method for our clients. We will cover fees and payment options at your no cost consultation.

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